Woodlice are eating my Strawberries

In Home & Garden by Susan

As part of my plan to become healthier I have been really excited this year to see my Strawberry Patch growing.  So many flowers and strawberries appearing.  So imagine the disappointment when I saw we had woodlice.

I have even netted the area off to stop the dog (Who seems to have a fruit fetish) from eating them.  You may think I joke but she once cleared the entire raspberry harvest from my In-Laws garden on an afternoon visit.

So when I noticed a solitary ripe strawberry I was like a child.  Picked it instantly and had it with my breakfast.  OK.  There was only the 1 strawberry, but there are tons ripening.

Homegrown Strawberries with organic porridge, Almond Milk and Honey.

Jump forward a day and there seem to be a lot more strawberries ripening.  Only as I investigate to pick them I can see the bloody woodlice have been having a FEAST!

I am a novice gardener therefore not equipped with the font of all knowledge when it comes to woodlice.

So I googled it.

Good old BBC Good Food.  Apparently Woodlice like Dark Damp Places and LOVE strawberries.  Great timing England to have torrential rain.  Looks like I will be on a daily mission to beat the woodlice to the strawberries.  What is more annoying is I would actually rather the dog ate the crop than the woodlice.

There is a really interesting thread on Money Saving Expert where someone has suggested putting damp screwed up newspaper inside an empty pot on its side.  (I will try this and report back.)  The woodlice will be enticed into that area meaning you can remove easily.  Although someone else has suggested that it is the slugs that make the hole and then the woodlice hide inside so I am still a little unconvinced?

So what I will do is treat the area for slugs (Just in case).


Put some empty pots on the side with screwed up newspaper in.  Then I am covering both bugs.

Watch this space.

Have you had this problem?  Any suggestions for a novice gardener like myself?  Please comment below I would love to hear your gardening tips.

S x