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What to write when you are creatively blocked

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There’s an opening for a blog post! “What to write when you are creatively blocked”. I have been pondering on this very subject for what feels like weeks. I have procrastinated like a pro and avoided sitting down to write, because I kept telling myself “there is no point in blogging” “you have nothing to say”. This cannot be an unusual subject at the moment. Having shielded for nearly a year now, I am running out of things to talk about.

So let’s just see how this post goes.

It is ok to NOT be ok.

Things are different. They are not the same. They can’t be the same as they were last year or even the year before. This time last year I was working as a talent agent. Actually, in real-time, this time last year I was on holiday in the cutest cottage on the beach in Cornwall. But you get my point. Time moves on and the last year has been one that will be talked about in future History lessons around the world. It has changed us.

Our lives are being dictated to by a force that is greater than us and we personally can’t control it. (I am of course talking about COVID19). So we have to go with the flow and adapt.

That said I have struggled this year (it is only Feb) and I am admitting that this year has been a struggle. We have all felt it in our household. We have officially had enough and you know what it is ok. It is ok to admit that.

I have been really annoyed with myself for NOT creating, but the truth is I have been completely avoiding starting because I have been angry at life.

There is inspiration everywhere

When you have to force things and you find yourself looking too hard for things to create, making content, writing, taking photos you will start to resent it. For me personally, I thought that by stopping, I was avoiding and procrastinating, and there is an element of truth in that. Taking some time to do other things has actually reset me. It was so subtle that I didn’t even realise that it was happening.

Getting social

Social Media can be a distraction there is no denying that, but the last year, social media has been key in connecting me with people and it really has come into it’s own.

Showing up and connecting with women from Southwood Social Hub on zoom coffee mornings, have been instrumental in me finding my voice again. 50% of the time, I don’t even say anything, I just sit grinning and laughing along at the conversations. 20% of the time my headphones don’t work and no-one can hear me talking. But that doesn’t matter. Showing up and seeing faces has changed my day. That half an hour 3 times a week has made me feel less lonely and valued.

Instagram is my favourite and has been since it first began. I think because like Pinterest it is visual. I love seeing beautiful photos and videos. I even went live for the first time the other day on my blog Instagram feed. It was the day of my first Covid vaccination and I felt the need to talk live. It was a disaster and a success in equal measure. Did I cry? Yes. Could I turn the camera off to stop the ‘live’? No. Why does nobody tell you these things before you press record?

I have vowed to make more content and do more videos, but because this post is all about being blocked creatively, this also relates to me on Instagram. I will only talk when I have something to say. I cannot and will not force it.

Watching TV

Look, I have worked in Film and TV in one way or another for over 15 years and my passion and love for this industry cannot be denied, so I watch a lot of TV and Film. I always have and I always will.

I have of course watched BRIDGERTON on Netflix. It is a period drama, which has everything in it. Drama, comedy, costumes, emotions, brilliant acting, amazing sets and locations, music oh and sex. Warning it is quite, (VERY) rude, so you may want to NOT watch it with your parents, grandparents or even your children!

When Roger and I started watching BRIDGERTON just after Christmas, I had read quite a lot of posts on social media commenting on how graphic and rude it was, and we couldn’t understand why. Then again we hadn’t reached Episode 6. If you have watched it, you will completely understand what I am talking about when I say ‘EPISODE 6’. We got to episode 6 and just nodded, realising what everyone had been saying.

For once, I discovered the TV series BEFORE I realised that the NETFLIX drama is based on the books by Julia Quinn.

You know how much I love the POLDARK books so of course, I have ordered the first couple of Julia’s books. I need to get reading as Shondaland has now confirmed that they are making season 2 of BRIDGERTON. Filming is due to start in the Spring and they have already started confirming the cast.


I am a bibliophile which means a person who collects or has a great love of books. Reading is definitely a welcome distraction for this last year. Picking up a good book can take me on a journey. I don’t read books word for word. I can speed read, but I am in the story, absorbed. As I read I am in the adventure, the plot, walking the path that the author has laid out on the pages. Books for me are total escapism!

I wrote a blog post about my 2021 reading list, but I do have a tendency to pivot and find another book that jumps to the top of the list that demands my attention.

Currently, I am reading ‘THE DUKE & I’ by Julia Quinn and I will then move on to ‘THE VISCOUNT WHO LOVED ME’ which is the next book in the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn.

Poor Claudia Winkleman’s book is sitting half read on my bedside table. Sorry Claudia. I will return soon.

Behind the scenes

Have you seen a difference on my site? I really hope you have. I have been working so hard on my home page, and it looks quite different. Technology is NOT my friend or in my skillset, so something that probably takes a web designer 5 minutes is taking me days and weeks. My tantrums over this homepage design have been real. But finally, I have got to a point that I am happy with it. It is far from finished. There are loads of changes happening on this site, but I need a break from the design of it for a while.

That said, I hope you like it.

My site is so much more than a blog to me. I will be gradually adding some of my portfolios and then eventually a shop, where you can buy prints and cards. The shop is going to take a little longer than I first thought. For me, it is about the quality of the paper and the print. I won’t be adding products unless I am 100% happy that the quality is the best. SO PATIENCE IS NEEDED HERE.

Sign up to make sure you hear when the shop launches.

Well considering, I had nothing to talk about and my creativity was blocked when I sat down this morning, and typed that heading, I have written so much.

Thanks for sticking with me.

Speak soon

Susan xxx