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Dear Diary: Wednesday round up.

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Dear Diary…

I just wanted to check in as I have been a bit lapse in my organisation and posts this week.  I feel like I am chasing my tail.

So far this week:

  • Husband has been off sick for 2 days with gout.  (He went back today)
  • Microwave has broken (so now we have no freezer and no microwave) *no I do NOT want either of these as my birthday presents!!!*
  • I have started decorating Josh’s room. (Josh is very good at decorating we have discovered and has been a really big help.) I LOVE interiors so really happy to be doing his room.
  • I have caught up on episode 2 or season 2 of THE ZOO. (OMG watch it please)!  I didn’t think this series could get any more exciting or tense – but it just did!
  • I have managed to organise my work space a little today and reply to several emails.
  • Making lots of plans work wise
  • I was sent the most beautiful image to remind me I am strong and can do anything I set my mind to.  This was sent to me from a woman who I have admired for many years.  A very successful makeup artist who I am fortunate to call a friend.
Messy Desk.  Desk in need of organising.

the space was a bit of a mess

It might seem like a dull blog post, but I really feel like the last few days I have been juggling many balls in the air.  Summer holidays came round so quickly and I didn’t plan for this week.

I can’t wait to show you all the changes in Josh’s room, however the actual change is being kept secret from him.  I will be doing the exciting stuff whilst he is partying at Standon Calling all weekend.  So until it’s all finished and I have done the big reveal to him you will have to wait.

We are having a ‘staycation’ this summer so lots of days out planned.  Any places you can recommend get in touch.

Tomorrow I am on a shoot with the lovely Anna from Little Flea.  Looking forward to that.

Professional Makeup Kit.  Zuca Artist Case.  Zuca Backpack.

my Makeup and Hair Kit

S x