Wrest Park. English Heritage.

Staycation 2016: Day 3. Wrest Park

In Travel & Photograpy by Susan

We have reached day 3 of our family ‘Staycation’ and we once again started our day fairly relaxed.

The plan was to pack a picnic and head somewhere with all 3 boys, the dog and have a chilled afternoon.

Being members of English Heritage we thought we would go to Wrest Park.  It is dog friendly (apart from the house) so would be perfect.

Wrest Park. English Heritage.

Wrest Park. English Heritage.

The first thing that I would like to note is that the good old British weather decided it would be blustery and if I am completely honest a little on the chilly side.  So the hat that I had taken to protect my sore scalp (which was sunburnt from our day at Countryfile) kept blowing off.  It was overcast so I need not have worried.

We picnicked first, the boys ran around with the football, all was going very well;  Until the brand new flask fell over and coffee started leaking everywhere.  The new flask was glass inside (which we now realise was a bad move) and was rattling with broken glass inside.  So our entrance to Wrest Park involved a Tesco carrier bag with broken flask and dripping coffee and cream (left over from the strawberries) which needed to be disposed of.

(The Bradfield’s have arrived).

Strawberries and Cream. Wrest Park.

We had no agenda other than to stroll around the gardens, walk the dog, enjoying the fresh air.

That is exactly what we did.  The boys had great fun.

Josh and George were periodically collecting Pokemon (we were informed by the staff that there were at least 2 Pokemon stops within the grounds) as we went around the grounds.  I am saving my thoughts on the new Pokemon game for a later post.

Wrest Park, Pokemon Hunting.

The children. Wrest Park.

All 3 boys did some serious rolling down hills.

George and Archie basically had stick wars all around the whole ground.

Wrest Park. Sticks.

Wrest Park. The Grounds.

The big chase at Wrest Park.

There was an archaeology team there on the day we went.  They got Archie to walk round with a cool computer on wheels mapping the ground.  They were looking for man-made substance under the grass.

We also stumbled across the most beautiful building within the grounds and there was a marquee being erected right next to it.  I can only imagine this for a wedding.  If you are getting married then check it out.  I think it would make the most stunning venue for a wedding.

Outdoor life was working its magic on our family until Archie got something in his eye (possibly from the stick).  Resulting in him and Roger going in to find a First Aider.  Half an hour later they appear with giant tubes of saline solution to rinse his eye out.  Very impressed with the diligence of the staff here looking after him.  He was soon right as rain and back in the playground and out on the field playing football.

The cold got too much for me and I sat in the boot of the car with the dog keeping warm whilst they all charged around.

We will be returning here again as it is such a beautiful place.  You can’t beat the good old outdoors for quality family time.

S x

P.S  I once again took a million photos on the Nikon camera (still OFF auto mode).  Loving taking lots of images at the moment.