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Mice and a broken boiler…

In Home & Garden by Susan

This is currently my situation.  I kid you not.

We discovered on Sunday evening when we sent Archie for a shower that there was no hot water.  On closer inspection, we realised that not only was the boiler not working but we have also had a visitor in the form of a mouse or mice?  The older two boys then announced that they have been hearing scratching noises for weeks at night.  I can feel the stress levels rising again as I type this paragraph and in my head, I am wondering when it will be acceptable to pour a glass of wine?

We have been putting out a trap in the garage but the mouse is eating the food and not being caught.  My husband then suggested perhaps it is, in fact, a RAT!

*I have gone into a cold sweat*

Rat Droppings, Rice, Mouse Droppings. Size Guide

I have concluded it is mice NOT Rats after Googling the comparison of Dropping sizes.

Last night whilst husband and I were settled having visited his parent’s house to use their facilities (Shower) and just getting into Game of Thrones (Which by the way is amazing), low and behold we hear scratching.

*TV paused*

Husband and I are standing on chairs listening to the ceiling, husband randomly knocking (I can only assume to scare the creature out).

*scratching stops – we check the trap – Food gone – Creature not there*

So far Mouse 1:  Humans:0

I did allow the dog to sleep in our bedroom last night for protection purposes.  (Of course, there is always the realisation that the dog will probably see the mouse and jump in the bed with us!)

The boiler, on the other hand, is over 20 years old so I am not surprised that she is struggling.  (I say ‘she’ because I like to think that there are other female traits in the house other than myself and the dog).  We are very lucky that we have a really good Independent Gas Man locally who came and had a look.  As luck would have it you can still get the 1 part that our boiler needs, so with any luck by end of day tomorrow we may have hot water once again.

Whilst it is quite amusing borrowing other peoples facilities, the novelty soon wears off and I just want some hot water.  We do have an old immersion switch, but it is totally useless and not heating the tank at all.

Josh said to me this morning as he left the house with a backpack on that it felt like camping.  It’s true.  Traipsing off for what seems like miles in cold wet weather to use a shower to then returning all the way back again.

Now in need to go and pack my wash kit up and go for a shower…Somewhere.

*Then is it acceptable to have some wine?*

Oh after writing this it appears that we have caught a mouse.  I peeked into the garage and then quickly shut the door again.

Husband will be home soon to deal with it.  PHEW.  I promise he will also get a glass of wine.

S x