Susan Jane Bradfield Christmas book haul.

Let’s start with my 2021 reading plans

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Woo hoo. It is 2021 and this is the first post on the blog from me this year. The UK is back in lockdown and as I am sitting pondering on when I might get called for the Coronavirus vaccine, I wanted to share some books that I was gifted at Christmas and chat about my 2021 reading plans.

Is this not the perfect time to lose ourselves in a book or two?

It has been in my mind to launch a book club but not entirely sure how I would do this or if anyone would be interested? Let me know.

Books that I was gifted for Christmas

  • Jamie Oliver 7 ways (Cookbook)
  • The Crystal Healer by Philip Permutt
  • US THREE by Ruth Jones
  • Lifes what you make it by Phillip Schofield
  • QUITE by Claudia Winkleman
  • The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

In the kitchen

It has come to my attention that I have SO many cookbooks in my cupboard, and some of them I have never opened.

Reading plans for 2021 in the kitchen is fairly simple and will also encourage me to follow through on one of my other plans. To choose simply 1 of my many cookbooks and cook from that one book? I would love to do some video footage of this, but not willing to put any more pressure on myself than is necessary.

I might struggle when it gets to the fish section, because you know I have a fish phobia. So I am not sure how I will get over that issue, to be honest.

Books for research

I don’t even know where to start with this. I have so many (and I mean so many) books in my office. Books for spiritual development, books to help my blog, books on crystals, books on the home, books on photography…I could go on.

2021 plans for tacking my office is very similar to the kitchen. It is to actually pick one up and read it front to back. It will be the only way if ‘that’ book is meant for me.

Reading for my soul

I love books, always have and always will. The desire for having a house where I can have a floor to ceiling library (complete with ladder), with a reading corner is real. We have recently converted a section of our entrance hall to a home office with a custom made bookcase designed by me. Roger has been working from home since March 2020 and needed a space to work and have meetings from, so this has pushed this project into action quicker than it probably would have been previously.

Books that have been made in to TV and Film

Of course I was going to be bringing my love of Film and TV into a book conversation. Who has watched NETFLIX BRIDGERTON?

Niavely I didn’t realise that this TV series is based on books. Yes yes I have added the Bridgerton books to my book wishlist.

Other series of books that are also on screen. Most of the following books have quite a few books to their series (apart from Little Women).


I am sure I have many more books that have made it to screen than this, but without getting up off of the sofa and going into the hall where Roger is on a work meeting, I can’t confirm or deny.

So for now I will love you and leave you and sign off.

I really hope that you are all ok? We are all in this together and life is pretty tough at the moment.

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Speak soon


Susan x