Labrador. Preparing for Gundog Classes.

Feeling the fear but I did it anyway.

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Today I went back to Gundog Classes with my dog.  The title says it all ‘Feeling the fear but I did it anyway’.  I was terrified.

I almost talked myself out of it and it was a very last minute decision to go.

We have not done any lessons since before my operation 2 years ago so it was like being the new girl (s) in the class. One of my best friends Jill was there training with her 2nd dog. We met at the original Thursday Gundog group 4 years ago and have been friends ever since. A friendly face who really stepped in to put me at ease and introduce me to all the other dog owners. Note I say put ‘me’ at ease because my dog was very much at home and excited to be back.

We were split into pairs and Jill and I worked with our dogs on seen retrieves. I then moved to send my dog over a ditch to do retrieves.

Black Labrador.  Gundog.  Retriever.

All was going very well by this point. My confidence was growing allowing me to relax. I was able to remember which whistle meant which instruction to the dog.

Black Labrador.  Retriever.  Gundog training.  Sit Stay.

Moving down the field we worked on retrieving left and rights from a distance using hand signals. Again my lovely dog worked like a dream.

Black Labrador.  Gundog Training.  Retriever.

We finished with long retrieves over a river, with perfect delivery and a shake on command. So glad I decided to wear my tartan dress (not appropriate attire for a Gundog field). When it comes to fashion I love to break a few rules. Besides my avoca socks with bows looked great poking out of my wellingtons.

Feeling the Fear.  Fashion on the gundog training field.  Tartan.  Wellington Boots.

I had mixed emotions about going back. Fear turned to excitement and pride. If I am completely honest I feel a little guilty that I have left it so long because my lovely lady had a blast. She is a natural Gundog and probably could attend the classes without me. Then again the classes are for the owners/handlers and not the dogs aren’t they?

We attend classes run by Adem Fehmi who runs Dog-Ease.

Susan x