A little mini trip to the garden centre

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This morning I went out. My 20 yr old son Josh and I had a mini road trip to the garden centre. I have forgotten how much I love driving. When I worked as a Makeup Artist, I used to drive all over the place, recently thanks to Covid I have barely been out.

Josh was unimpressed with the Christmas radio that was playing but accepted it. We were both quite excited I think to be getting out of the house. The Christmas tunes did get changed by me to Radio 1 quite quickly (they weren’t the good tunes) and if I am honest the radio station that I had on became a little annoying.

God, I feel old at the moment and when you catch your son laughing to himself at your driving hand positions it doesn’t help. In my defence, my driving instructor taught me the 10 – 2 position and I find it a comfortable hand position to be in. To others, I probably come across a bit like “Driving Miss Daisy”.

It takes a lot to get me and my anxiety out of the house at the moment, mid the coronavirus pandemic and I am so glad that Josh persuaded me to go with him today. Getting out and driving my car was such a tonic for me.

It was only a little mini trip to the pet shop inside the garden centre to pick up a few things and that was enough for me. We had anti-bac and face masks and we were in and out and back home by 11, and I felt safe because the garden centre was eerily quiet.

In my advent today



Once again Roger has been working secretly with Annette from Harmony and Balance on supplying me with content for my advent calendar.

‘The frequency of Spider Web Obsidian’ connects to the third eye chakra, simulating this chakra aiding one’s insight and inner vision. It helps one to “see the bigger picture” and gentle holds and supports one energetically so that one my have clarity and a knowing as to that which is in one’s highest good.’ Taken from the printed information sheet that accompanied my crystal. There is so much more to learn about this crystal.

Listened to

Once again on my dog walk today I set my Podcasts to play, popped my headphones in and waited to see what came on. After yesterdays accurately interesting podcast I wanted to test the theory of synchronicity a little bit more and see what played and if it resonated with me. Once again both podcasts are absolutely perfect for me right now.

Podcast 1:

GET STRONG with Rory Brown and Callum Hardingham – Becoming Your Own Coach

Podcast 2:

FOOD FOR THOUGHT by RHIANNON LAMBERT BSc MSc RNutrHow to stop yo-yo dieting

I have finished my day feeling really relaxed having just done a lovely relaxation session via zoom. So relaxed in fact that I should sign off and go an lay down.

Night night.


Susan x