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The first Coronavirus vaccine is administered in the UK

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It is a momentous day today and one that I am super emotional about. The first ever Covid19 vaccine has been administered in the UK. 90 year old, Grandmother-of-four Margaret Keenan has become the first person in the world to recieve the vaccine.

The waiting game begins

I am one of the extremely vulnerable and have basically been shielding and avoiding anything and anyone other than my immediate household since March. So I think I am fairly high up on the list to get called, but I still don’t even know when I will get called. Seeing the footage of Margaret Keenan getting her vaccine today really gave me butterflies. Excited butterflies in my tummy.

This vaccine (if I can have it) will give me back my freedom. It will be a weight lifted off of my mind and off of my families minds. Coronavirus has really paused our lives and 2020 is one that won’t be missed, however it will also be the year that taught us a lot of lessons. Lessons that I intend to take forward to the rest of my life.

In my advent today

Listened to

Jingle Jangle on Netflix

When I was working with Aston Management as a Talent Agent last year I remember the castings coming in for this film, so of course, I wanted to watch it.

Such a good feel good movie.

Listened to

Whilst out walking the dog today I listened to the Earth Locker podcast. In this particular episode, their guest on this podcast was Dr Momo Vuyisich and they were discussing the use of food as medicine. If you don’t like podcasts, you can watch the episode on YouTube.

I am such a believer in synchronicity and things happening for a reason and this podcast did not disappoint. For months now I have been talking about sorting my health out by changing my diet and researching which food intolerances I may have. You will have to watch this space to see how I get on with this particular journey. It will be happening.

Loads of love

Susan x