Landscape in the fog

Slow Sunday.

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There is nothing nicer than waking up at 8 am on a Sunday morning realising that you have had a nice lie-in. We were destined to have a slow Sunday.

We enjoyed a delicious cooked breakfast all together around the table. This sounds so simple but in reality we all just seem to eat breakfast at different times lately, so this really felt like a treat.

After having a clean up of the house which was long overdue, Roger and I took Reggie out for a walk over the fields. It has been freezing today and there is a lot of fog around and the mud situation in the fields is no joke. How we stayed on our feet I do not know.

Reggie the yellow labrador retriever sits in the field.  In the background you can see freezing fog sitting over the lake.

The fire has been lit all day and our house is super toasty and warm. Naturally, Reggie seems to be the one who hogs the warmest space in front of the fire. I am now dreaming of having an armchair in front of the fire.

Having a log burner installed during our house renovations was THE BEST idea and we have absolutely no regrets (neither does Reggie).

Don’t you find Slow days are the best ones, where you have no agenda and no plans other than walking the dogs and eating food?

Advent Calendar

In todays drawer in the advent calendar.

  • Sapooni Cornish Lavender, Honey & Oatmeal Soap
  • Mini Candy Canes
  • Quality Streets
  • Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator sample

The attention to detail in my advent calendar this year is amazing. Roger sourced this Cornish brand (that I hadn’t heard of) to buy me this product. Not only do I LOVE Cornwall but I also have super sensitive skin and have to be really careful with what I use. By all accounts, Sapooni products are all-natural and good for you. I will report back.

We finished our day with a chicken roast dinner and watching The Crown on Netflix. For the record I have been a fan of The Crown up to now. The attention to costume and casting is truly brilliant and the actors have excelled themselves in picking out the mannorisms of the characters.

This recent season of The Crown however is making me a little uneasy. I can’t put my finger on it. Why is this series making me feel so uncomfortable? Is it because the production is so good it is making me question whether what we are being shown on the screen is fact or fiction? Which I guess is what makes a good production. My thoughts are that it is fictional based on some true events.

*FUN FACT* – Archie my youngest son, had some castings for The Crown before the 1st Season. For the young Prince Charles. He was called in a few times and also had a session in the audio studios with the voice coach. Archie was just too old for the role. What a great experience it was for him. It seems a lifetime ago, Archie is 14 now!

Are you watching The Crown? I would love to know your thoughts.


Susan x