6 Books to read this summer.

6 books to read this Summer

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Last night as I was dropping off to sleep, a thought popped into my head, which of course I needed to share immediately with my husband, regardless of him almost being asleep. “We need to factor in MORE bookcases than we first thought in the designing of the spare room.” The response was that perhaps I should get rid of some books, as there were loads that I haven’t even looked at! GASP! In my husband’s defence, he is not a reader of books, never has been and probably never will be.

HOWEVER, getting rid of some books is not an option that I am going to be swayed on. I love books. You cannot persuade me to go digital and have my books online. There is something about holding a book and turning those pages as you read. I can’t be the only one that loves the smell of books as well.

Something that Hubby said last night, did trigger some truth though. I do have lots of books, and yes there are lots that I haven’t read. This does not mean I won’t read them, or that they don’t serve a purpose. That said one of the first things that I have done this morning is to pull out 6 books that I have been meaning to read. So that is my Summer book challenge to myself. Read those 6 books!

My summer reading list

  • POLDARK Demelza – Winston Graham
  • A LITTLE LIFE – Hanya Yanagihara
  • RITUALS FOR EVERY DAY – Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips
  • SUPER ATTRACTOR – Gabrielle Bernstein
  • THE FEAR BUBBLE – Ant Middleton
6 books to read this summer.  My summer reading list.  POLDARK - Demelza, A LITTLE LIFE - Hanya Yanigihara, RITUALS FOR EVERYDAY - Nadia Narain & Katia Narain Phillips, SUPER ATTRACTOR - Gabrielle Bernstein, THE FEAR BUBBLE - Ant Middleton

There is a mix of fiction and my indulgence in my wellness and spiritual books.

The Poldark book is worth mentioning because Demelza is the 2nd novel in the series and there are 12 books in total. I have read the entire series before and have just finished re-reading the 1st novel. So no doubt after completing the Demelza book I will be adding the 3rd POLDARK book to my list.

Give me some book recommendations

What are you reading at the moment?

Please comment below with some new book recommendations, because I need to make sure the new bookcases (That we haven’t got yet) stay filled with glorious books. But worth noting I WILL NOT COPE WITH HORROR.

This book list may be a regular slot in my blog.


Susan x

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