Blue Quartz Crystal

Blue Quartz crystal and a period drama

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I continue to be amazed by my advent calendar, and I am loving that this has also given me the inspiration to write again. My blog is feeling like my own journal at the moment which I am loving and it feels exactly where it is meant to be.

Day 5 of my Advent Calendar

Inside todays calendar:

Elemis Sweet Orchid Shower Cream (Sachet)

2 mini candy canes

A quality street

A BLUE QUARTZ Crystal (Including a detailed information sheet)

Roger had been in touch with the lovely Annette from Harmony and Balance to buy the crystal. Annette also happens to be the lady who gave me Reiki monthly until COVID hit the UK and she lives locally to me.

Apparently, Roger got in touch and asked her for a crystal that she thought I would benefit from. Blue Quartz is the crystal that she chose for me and it really is perfect. You can read more about it’s healing properties here. Annette had typed me out a full sheet of information on the Blue Quarz crystal to accompany the stone which after reading really feels like the crystal has actually chosen me.

Movie Night – EMMA

Now ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ has finished, we found that we had an evening slot free to watch something completely different. Roger suggested we watch the new premiere on SKY ‘EMMA’. It’s a period drama which is my absolute favourite genre, so of course I said yes.

I loved it, however I suspect that Roger wasn’t such a fan, I think he nodded off a few times, but saw it through to the end as we had started it.

Emma is really well cast and has some true comical moments. Bill Nighy is of course brilliant, he only has to walk into a scene and it makes me laugh. Emma is played by Anya Taylor-Joy who you will probably recognise from ‘The Queens Gambit‘ (Another drama that you MUST watch). Anya is a brilliant actor and I thought she played the role of Emma really well.

I hope you have had a lovely Saturday.