A reunion in the garden

A reunion in the garden

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Today has been just lovely on so many levels. My heart feels full again. Coronavirus has meant that I have been seperated from my eldest son, who lives away from home with his girlfriend. Today we made our garden as cosy and warm as we could and George and Elise came for tea outside.

It was socially distanced and we were utterly freezing despite having a heater over the table. But that didn’t matter. We were together again, just for a little while. We talked and talked and laughed so hard that I almost cried.

The sacrifices this family have made to keep me protected from Coronavirus have been huge and I will be forever grateful. As a family, we have made the decision to not indulge in the households mixing rule at Christmas. We have George and Elise coming around on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but we are still maintaining social distance. It will be a small but truly lovely Christmas.

I am waiting for the call to have the Covid vaccine, in all honesty we don’t know when that will be. The clinically extrememly vulnerable are fairly high up on the list, but still we just don’t know timescales yet.

But this is the reasoning of our continuation of being careful. We have sacrificed so much since March of this year. We have come so far and the finish line is in sight, so we would be stupid and irresponsible to ruin it all now.

A garden for creating warmth and memories

Seeing our garden all lit up today and my family laughing together reminded me of the plans that we have for our outside space. Usually, it is all packed away for the winter, but really I want to continue to create a beautiful garden and outdoor space that can be used all year round. Think cosy winter woodland under the gazebo. with cute seating areas that are hidden around the garden all lit up with fairy lights. Of course, I want to progress with the creation of a cut flower garden and vegetable patch. I would also love a proper greenhouse.

Today has really confirmed to me that in 2021 I am going to work on some video content, because I love being creative. I don’t share anywhere near enough content on our home and garden which is crazy, considering all of the work that we have done and all of the plans we still have.

Do you know, I still haven’t shared the before and after of our kitchen renovations.

Well 2021 I am coming for you.

In my advent calendar today

Day 10 of advent.  Socks, Quality Street and Candy Canes
  • Socks
  • Quality Street
  • Mini Candy cane


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